Another Howard Hawks film from the around the same period as His Girl Friday, but so completely different in tone and perspective that you would never think these films were only four years apart and directed by the same man. This one was the film that brought 'Bogie' and 'Bacall' together for the first time. They never looked back.

It's has a bit of a complicated plot (moreso, than the Hemingway book upon which the film was based, in my opinion), probably due to the change in locale and the introduction of the pro-German Vichy France elements. At it's core though, it's about a good man who through circumstances beyond his control, is forced to make some very difficult choices. Many of Bogart's characters were like this, tough as nails, morally ambiguous and resourceful, but it's the pairing with Bacall in her debut movie that raises this movie above 'just OK'.

Her breakout scene is the now infamous ' know how to whistle, don't ya, Steve?'

It's hard to believe that she was just nineteen when she made this movie and basically redefined the word 'smouldering'. The pairing was electric, and went on to repeated in several of the films that the couple made together.