The original quadrilogy that first introduced us to the character of Nevyn an immortal Wizard. The four books also included Darkspell, Dawnspell (or The Bristling Wood as it was called in the US) and Dragonspell (or the Dragon Revenant as it was called in the US). I found the concept of this story absolutely fascinating. A group of individuals bound to each other over numerous lifetimes. In one life you could married to somebody, but when you die and are reborn you marry somebody else and the person who you were married to in the past life, re-enters your life as 'an unrequieted love' perhaps. The purpose of each life lived, was to put right a wrong done in the previous life, or achieve some goal that left you unfulfilled. The series eventually grew to encompass fifteen books in total, broken into four 'Acts', all centred around a small group of individuals who come in and out of each others reincarnated lives at various points over the hundreds of years that the stories span in total.