Another quarilogy. This one set within the world of Magician, but with (for the most part) a completely different set of characters. There are some interactions with some of Feist's main characters (i.e. Pug, Arutha, Jimmy etc), but the new characters take us in entirely different directions and to different parts of the world that Feist has created.

What makes this book stand apart from many of the others from the whole Magician/Crydee series, is the actual story. This one tells how Roo Avery who had survived being conscripted into a 'Dirty Dozen' like group of soldiers in the opening book of this particular series 'Shadow of a Dark Queen', goes on to build himself up to the 'Merchant Prince' of the title. It's an absolutely engrossing read, which has less of the action and adventure of the majority of the stories of the series, but as I say that allows it to stand apart.

Roo (or Rupert) Avery, then goes on to be folded back into the main stories, mainly because of the vast fortune that he amasses during this set of four books.